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Things You NEED to Know so You Can Edit Pages Efficiently ddd

line breaks

To use line breaks in this wiki, Use the HTML code br surrounded by <> eg. <br> OR double enter (press enter twice)

HailsOnTheRocks 12:34, 6 August 2009 (NZST)

crossed out text

To create a line through text in your wiki, use the HTML code s to open and /s to close surrounded by <> eg. <s>Some text in between</s>.

this will show up like this: Some text in between

HailsOnTheRocks 11:31, 10 August 2009 (NZST)

Adding an INTERNAL link (a link from this site)

to add an internal link follow the following steps.

  1. Check to see if the page you are making already exists. If it doesn't, then you need to create a page.
  2. Click on the internal link button in the tool bar above the page you are editing Image:Link bar.JPG
  3. Add the name of either the pre-existing page or type an unused name to create a new page Image:Link_name.JPG
  4. to add words to appear on the screen by first typing 'Shift + \' to make a verticle line, directly after the name of the link. Image:Link_words.JPGImage:Veiw link.JPG
  5. Save your page

PLEAE NOTE: if you have created a new page then clicking on the link will take you to an empty edit page. when information is added, then the link will go directly to your created page

HailsOnTheRocks 11:04, 11 August 2009 (NZST)

Adding an EXTERNAL link (a link from a site other than this one)

  1. click on the EXTERNAL LINK button
  2. add the FULL URL of the site you wish to make the hyperlink to
  3. press SPACEBAR once inbetween the URL and the words you want displayed
  4. save your page once you have finished editing it :D
HailsOnTheRocks 11:07, 11 August 2009 (NZST)


Making tables in wiki markup is easy- click here to learn how.

Character Formatting

If the toolbar options for formatting individual characters or words are not available, it is useful to know the Markup used to create it. For emphasis, words can be displayed as italics by placing two single quote marks around the text. ' ' Text ' ' would be displayed as Text. To make a statement stand out in a strong way, in bold, the convention is to place three single quote marks around the text. ' ' ' important ' ' ' would be displayed as important. In order to convey very strong text, five single quote marks would be placed around the text. ' ' ' ' ' extremely ' ' ' ' ' important would be displayed as extremely important.


Ordered Lists - use #

Unordered Lists - use *

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