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Information About Myself


My name is Alisya Baharudin. People usually call me Alisya and it is pronounced as Alicia.

Favourite Singer

  • EXO
  • Neo Culture Technology
  • Soloist Do Kyungsoo

Soloist Do Kyungsoo just had his debut on 26th July and released an album named Empathy. Check out his title track D.O. 디오 'Rose' MV on Youtube.

Favourite Song

My current favourite songs are from the Empathy Album by Do Kyungsoo which are:

  1. Rose
  2. Dad
  3. Si fueras mía

Favourite Movie

  • Harry Potter
  • Hunger Games

I love watching movies during my free time and I usually watch them with my close friend Izzati AbuRazim.

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