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Brief Summary of 'Alisi

'Alisi Ma'asi a young student at The University of Auckland had always dreamed of the day she would become a university student. Now her dreams are a reality. When she is not studying she is...

  • Spending time with her handsome husband
  • Reading romance novels
  • Dancing in the kitchen while cooking
  • Going on Mother-Daughter dates

Pre-Teen Years

Ma'asi was the most angelic child growing up. Always doing these three things...

  1. Sharing her lunch despite a strict no-sharing policy in primary due to meningitis.
  2. Gave up her spare $2 coins for others in need who she passes on the street.
  3. Encouraged her family to always prioritize family time.

Teenage Years

Ma'asi quickly learned that she wasn't always going to be dealt with good cards all her life. So she decided to apply these two rules.

  1. Don't care about what other people say unless they have their PhD in the area of their opinions
  2. Live your life to the fullest, be kind always and have courage.

Young Adult Years

As time progressed so did Ma'asi's skills and talents. She worked hard in school and always knew university was on her list of goals. The five career options she had considered were...

  1. Pediatric Oncologist
  2. Drama Teacher
  3. Early Childhood Education Teacher
  4. Full-time Mum
  5. Professional Dancer
Married Years

Ma'asi had experienced great things in her adolescence which prepared her as she entered into a union with her beloved husband. She has one rule she lives by in her marriage and that is...

  1. Be slow to anger and quick to love - everyone.

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