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Dongfan Zhao



I'm a third-year university student, I'm from China and my major is pure math. I started to use computers when I was 10 years old, at that time I used computers for watching cartoons, and after that, I try to play various computer games, and my favorite type of computer game is a Role-playing game known as RPG like World Of Warcraft, Fantasy Western Journey, etc.

In daily life, I prefer to talk with friends by using WeChat, my WeChat account is NNDD0526, I'm happy for any person to chat with me. Before I come to UoA, I studied a half year of culinary art at AUT, so I love cooking, but due to some reasons, I cannot finish that course at AUT, at last, I changed my major and also changed the university. In addition to this, I really love math, I like talking about some topics like PDE, linear algebra, mathematical analysis, group theorem, and probability with my friends.

Myself, I am a very optimistic and enthusiastic person but sometimes I'm easy to be anxious, my English is poor, and I'm trying to improve this skill.

My Achievement In UoA

  1. First in Course Award in MATHS 254
  2. First in Course Award in COMPSCI 101

To be added

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