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Pat Riddle

Who am I?

A senior lecturer in the Computer Science Department at the University of Auckland, CS web site.

I am an AI guy. To find out more about AI (Artificial Intelligence), see [1].

Previous Employment

I have been employed at the University of Auckland for over 15 years. Before that I worked in Research and Development at the Boeing Company [2].

2020 Papers

  • CompSci111/111G
  • CompSci361
  • CompSci760
  • CompSci761
  • CompSci762

Contact Details

  • Email: pat @
  • Phone: (09)373-7599 Ext 87093
  • Room: 490, 4rd Floor of the Computer Science extension to the Maths and Physics Building (Building 303S)
  • Office Hours: email for an appointment

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