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Ann Cameron


Current Position

I am a Professional Teaching Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. I am also an undergraduate enrolment adviser.

Previous Employment

Before coming to the University of Auckland, I worked for several years as a software developer for a large financial software company.

2022 Semester Two Papers

  1. CompSci111/111G (Course Coordinator / Lab Supervisor)
  2. Compsci101 (Lab Supervisor)
  3. CompSci130 (Course Coordinaor / Lab Supervisor)

Contact Details

  • Email: ann @
  • Phone: (09)373-7599 Ext 84947 or direct dial (09)923-4947
  • Room: 413, 4th Floor of the Maths and Physics Building (Building 303)
  • Office Hours: Open door policy - please feel free to visit any time you like, or email for an appointment for an in-person or Zoom meeting.

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