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Damir Azhar

CS Website

About Me

I am a professional teaching fellow with the Computer Science Department.


I have completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees here at the University of Auckland, majoring in computer science. I have completed my PhD at the beginning of 2016.

As a student here I have been involved in undergraduate computer science marking, demonstrating, tutoring and lecturing.

Current Duties

  • Teaching:
    • Tutoring COMPSCI 111 labs
    • Lecturing COMPSCI 111, 101, 110 and 210.
  • Administration:
    • Stage 2 concessions
    • Undergraduate course advice
    • Lab administration and tech demos

Contact Details

Email Address: dazh001 at

Office: Building 303, room 411

I practice an open door policy and am happy to answer student queries if in.


  1. Videogames
  2. Music
  3. Books
  4. Films

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