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Ethan Blanch

About Me

I am a student studying Computer Science at Auckland University, and I'm currently planning on doing a post graduate degree in Cyber-security. I love everything to do with technology, and generally I am very knowledgeable in terms of anything to do with it.

Some things I like to do

  1. PC Gaming
  2. VR Gaming
  3. Travelling
  4. Coding sometimes

Current Stuff
  • PC Rig
    • GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 4080 (12gb)
    • CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X
    • MB: X570 Aourus Elite
    • RAM: 16gb DDR4-4000mhz
    • SSD: 2TB 980 PRO Gen 4 NVME
  • VR Headset
    • Meta Quest 3
    • Oculus Link (Virtual Desktop  :3) to PC
  • Mobile
    • Phone
      • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 512gb
    • Watch
      • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

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