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I am one of 8 students who attends lectures(guess I'll see y'all during labs/tests/exams/not overseas), I sit with Joyce in the middle of the lecture room, and if you hear someone speak with an American accent during class that'd be me.

This is my story about how I became class rep

  1. One day Thomas asked "would anyone like to be class rep"
  2. 15 seconds of silence later
  3. within that 15 seconds I decided destiny decided to call upon me today and I had to step forward and fulfil the prophet I made up at that moment
  4. 5 seconds after raising hand: regret
  5. i am s h y help

my contact details for all your problems

it is oke to complain about COMPSCI 111 to me :>

  • email :
  • messenger: Lydia Chin (cute pink marshmallow profile pic)
  • phone number: 911
AND it was really fun reading everyones pages, except for the bee movie script :>

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