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Eloise Cresswell COMPSCI111 Page

What I'm about

Please read this section to learn some interesting fact about me

List of some vegetables from best to worst imo

  1. Potato, because it is diverse and honestly is just delicious in every way
  2. Carrots, mostly because I love snacking on raw carrots, very healthy and satisfying
  3. Mushrooms, if you hate mushrooms then I don't want to be friends with you. Get better taste, please
  4. Cos lettuce, if you're gonna make a salad please add cos lettuce because the crunch is immaculate
  5. Eggplant, absolutely exquisite but I can never cook it properly at home so it will have to be at number 5 sadly
  6. Celery, honestly celery with peanut butter is so good but the stringy bits make me mad
  7. Pumpkin, only really like it in soups but I'll eat it if given to me but I will not enjoy it that much
  8. Spinach, very healthy so I do eat it but honestly the texture and taste doesn't really make me happy
  9. Brussel sprouts will only eat the ones my mum makes because any other way they just taste gross
  10. Radish, it's just peppery and weird. There's a reason why I never see people use it that much

Here's a link to Damir Azhar


His name is just really nice and if you're interested in learning more about him please click the link

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