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Hi I’m Jessie. But names aren’t important. We’re all going to die and be forgotten anyway. No one chose their own names or which country they were born in. I’m writing this whilst hungry.

There’s a buy one get one free deal at Yogost, a popular yogurt drink store today. I have caffeine intolerance so I’ve never been able to enjoy coffee or bubble tea without getting lightheaded, so Yogost is my only shot at having a proper social life with friends lol.

A few pieces of information about me:

  • I like looking at nature
  • I hate wasting food, even when I don’t like the food I eat
  • I feel ashamed of my music preferences because it’s not popular music like most of my friends. It’s more like whoooooo peaceful music and I can’t sing it at karaoke or play it in a car or play it for parties. It ruins the mood
    • here’s a link of one example:
The lonely whale who became an island


The wonderful people in charge of teaching this class are:

Damir Azhar Ann Cameron

Novels I have read recently

Some books that I've read recently are

  • The Three Body Problem (All books in the series)
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Anthology of Fairytales
  • Does Shakespeare count? (The Winter's Tale, The Tempest, The Comedy of Errors, As You Like it, Much Ado About Nothing, all in the last two months)

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