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Imagine being so bored you clicked on random people's user page. Unless you are one of these obviously:

  1. Ann
  2. Damir

Then, you are most welcome to this user page. Other than these two, you are a either a stalker, straight up bored, one of my friends, or somehow taken a liking to my link and clicked without hesitation. Lucky you, the link does not directed you to a weird website that offers you a new, free iPhone. Maybe not that lucky, I guess.

Body (maybe)

Research found that people click links only if they are convinced the link is trustworthy, and are convinced by the author and his reliability. To be fair, this is most likely to be our first interaction and implying that you visited this page means that you trust me already, man, am I a guy flattered. I wish you gratitude and happiness just for that.

Well, since you are here and still reading my not-so-intriguing, maybe-a-bit-amusing page, therefore let me entertain you with one of my favorite video of all time here. I am very certain that you will enjoy every second of it. That said, make sure you share to all your fellas and folks around so that the joy can be shared together.


It has been quite a journey for you and me here, but I wish the end would not come sooner. May the time come, if our destiny crosses each other, we will meet again soon. I must thank you for your minutes spent here, for I am sure every second is not wasted. So is for me.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.

This page was last modified 06:50, 30 July 2021.

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